full of beans - 精力充沛

I’ve never known anyone be so full of beans before breakfast.

born to the purple - 出身皇室

You were born to the purple,so you are destined to live in the public eye.

hava a purple patch 过着顺风水水称心如意的日子
purple prose 辞藻华丽的文章
purple state 摇摆州

a big cheese - 大人物

Jacob thinks he’s a big cheese now that he’s been promoted to assistant manager.

be like chalk and cheese 截然不同,迥然不同
Say cheese! 说茄子
more holes than Swiss cheese 论点、理论,计划、规章制度等处处都是漏洞

donkey’s years - 许多年

I haven’t been here in donkey’s years —— I can’t believe how much the town has changed.

dog's years/age 很多年
one's autumn years 某人的暮年
golden/sunset years 退休时期(通常是65岁之后)
salad days/years 少不更事的时期

by the skin of one’s teeth - 侥幸成功

Lloyd eascoed from the burning building by the skin of his teeth.

I got through calculus class by the skin of my teeth.

(as)rare as hens' teeth 极为罕见
arm to the teeth 全副武装
cast in (one's) teeth 强烈谴责

clear the air - 消除隔阂

Some groups in our community seem to suffer from discrimination.An indeoendent inquiry could clear the air and sort out the problem.

up in the air 悬而未决
dear air 尴尬的沉默
with(one's) nose in the air 趾高气昂
dance on air 非常开心

call a spade a spade - 实话实说

I know you like Jason,but he’s a jerk! I’m sorry,but I have to call a spade a spade.

tell it like it is 实话实说
don't beat around the bush 不要拐弯抹角

have a card up one’s sleeve - 留一手

She has a card up her sleeve if they try to fire her,since she knows about the boss’s unscrupulous business practices.

a tough cookie - 很有主见的人

Self-confident,ambitious and positive,Paula is a tough cookie who is bound to be a success.

a smart cookie 聪明人,总是能够提出好主意的人
a sharp cookie 超级聪明的人,超有智慧的人
cookie-cutter 千篇一律的,批量生产的
cookie pusher 马屁精

bite the dust - (人)死亡;(物)失败

A shot rang out,and the cowboy bit the dust.

His career bit the dust when he lost his job.

bite the bullet 咬紧牙关,忍受困难做某事
bite one's tongue 忍住不说,保持沉默
bite one's nails 紧张,焦虑

burn the midnight oil - 开夜车

I’ll need to burn the midnight oil to have any chance of finsihing this paper before class tomorrow morning.

sit up 迟睡,熬夜
stay up late 熬夜
work/study deep into the night 工作/学习到深夜
stay up all night 通宵未睡

beat about the bush - 说话兜圈子

Stop beating around the bush and answer my questiion.

a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush 已拥有的胜过未得到的
take the rag off the bush 超越任何人或任何事
good wine needs no bush 质量高的物品不需要打广告

be in each other’s pockets - 形影不离

When I was in college,my best friend and I went everywhere together.We were basically in each other’s pockets for four years.

be in one's pocket 受某人控制或影响
dip into one's pocket 偷走某人的钱或其他贵重物品

dig one’s heels in - 一意孤行

Please let me tell my side of the story before you dig your heels in on this,OK?

Achilles' heel 致命弱点
fall head over heels 完全迷恋于某人
drag one's heels 消极怠工
cool one's heels 空等,久等

Speak of the devil - 说曹操,曹操到

turn the tables - 转败为胜

President will want to turn the tables on his competitor in the Democratic Party.

make a clean sweep 完胜,大胜
sweep the board 大获全胜
win by a nose 险胜
a narrow victory 险胜
nose out 比…略胜一筹

stick to one’s guns - 固执己见

I really admire Jess for sticking to her guns during college,and not submitting to the peer pressure fo those around her to drink or do drugs.

follow one's bigoted course 自行其是,只按照自己的想法行事。
sit tight 坚持主张;静待时态的发展
cling to / stick to / adhere to one's view / opinion 固执己见,坚守立场

make waves - 捣蛋

The maerger is almost complete,so we’re all just holding our collective breath that someone doesn’t make waves at the last minute.

The startup make waves throughout the industry by releasing a device that never needs to be charged.

wave a red flag 做使某人生气的事情
wave sth/sb away 挥手示意某物/某物离开
wave of the future 未来的潮流
wave the bloody shirt 挑唆冲突

French leave - 不辞而别

The official story is that he’s sick,but I think he’s just taking French leave.

French novels 低俗的小说
pardon/excuse my french 原谅我说脏话
English disease 英国式疾病(佝偻病,支气管炎等)
the best of British(luck) 祝某人成功

an arm and a leg - 价格昂贵

I’m sick of paying rent in this town.It’s costing me an arm and a leg!

a lie has no legs 谎言是容易被识破的
break a leg 祝你好运,祝你成功
babe in arms 缺乏经验的人
give one's right arm 付出极大代价

cupboard love - 有所企图的爱

Ever since I won the lottery,I worry that any woman who expresses a romantic interest in me will just be a case of cupboard love.

everybbody loves a lord 有权势的人会吸引爱慕和钦佩
first love 初恋
for love or money = under any circumstances 在任何情况下
God love a duck! 表示惊讶、沮丧、愤怒、警告或烦恼等感叹词

throw the book at someone - 惩罚某人

He was formally charged with breaking ranks while in formation,felonious assault,indiscriminate behavior,mopery,high treason,provoking…In short,they threw the book at him.

I made the police officer angry,so he took me to the station and threw the book at me.

carrot and stick - 软硬兼施

Congress also wants to use a carrot and stick approach to force both sides to negotiate an end to the war.

carrot on a stick 为激励某人完成某项任务的奖励
dangle a carrot in front of someone = offer someone a carrot 用奖励来激励某人
use something as a carror 用某物作为奖励来说服某人做某事

chew the fat - 闲聊

Come into my office and chew the fat with me a little bit,David. I want to know how things are going with you.

havaing a chinwag 闲聊(好友之间愉快而轻松的谈话)
have a natter 瞎聊;东拉西扯
make small talk 做简单交谈,闲聊

steal one’s thunder - 抢某人风头

  • 窃取某人的创意或想法

We had the idea for “digital paper” years ago,but I see they’ve stolen our thunder and have their own version of it on the market.

  • 抢某人风头

My brother is the star athlete of our high school,so no matter waht I succeed in,he’s constantly stealing my thunder.

stael the show/spotlight = steal the thunder 抢风头
cut a dash 通过炫耀摆阔大出风头
cut a swath 炫耀,出风头
hold the limelight 抢风头

blow smoke - 蒙骗人

I think they’re blowing smoke about giving regular raises to their employees —— I couldn’t find any evidence to support that claim.

Holy smokes/cow! 我的老天啊!表示惊讶
smoke and mirrors 欺骗行为,骗局
there's no smoke without fire 谣言背后必有真相
smoke eater 善于在浓烟和高热中工作的消防员

let the cat out of the bag - 泄密

How did Mom find out were planning a surprise party for her?Who let the cat out fo the bag?

buy a pig in a poke 未见实物二瞎买东西
Cat in gloves catches no mice 不远吃苦的人成不了大事业
put/set the cat among the pigeons 造成轩然大波,招惹是非
A cat can look at a king 小人物也有权利

bite one’s tongue - 缄口不言

I had to bite my tongue as my elder sisiter gushed about her new boyfriend yet again.

mother tongue 母语;本国语言
have a bitter tongue 嘴毒,说话刻薄
lose one's tongue (因害臊)说不出话来
hold one's tongue 保持沉默

rob the cradle - 老牛吃嫩草

Are you sure it doesn’t bother you how much older I am?I feel like people are judging me for robbing the cradle.

church mouse - 赤贫的人

She’s poor as a church mouse,so you can’t expect her to donate anything.

live from hand to mouth 生活勉强可以糊口,上顿不接下顿
on one's uppers 出境艰难,一贫如洗
(as) poor as a Job's turkey 一贫如洗

sit on the fence - 保持中立

When Jane and Tom argue,it is best to sit on the fence and not make either of them angry.

be/stay on the fence = sit on the fence
adhere to / keep / maintain neutralityneutrality是名词,指中立
sit on the rail rail指围栏
take a wait-and-see attitude 持观望态度

kiss ass - 拍马屁

It’s no wonder you’re the teacher’s favorite from the way you kiss her ass!

bell the cat-挺身而出

Someone has to bell the cat and tell the boss wa aren’t going to come in to work on Saturday anymore.

a cat nap 短暂但放松的睡眠,一个小盹
well,dog my cats 啊,见鬼(表示非常惊讶)
lead a cat-and-dog life 过着不和睦的、敌对的生活
cool cat 精明能干的人,有能力有才华的人(一般指男子)

New York minute - 很短的时间

Everything can change in a New York minute.

meet one's Waterloo 遭到惨败,惨遇失败
set the Thames on fire 做出惊人之举,取得非凡成就
carry coals to New castle 做徒劳多余的事情
go to Reno 去离婚

a monkey on one’s back - 大难题

  • 难以摆脱的问题、烦恼、负担等

This project is such a monkey on my back right now —— I can’t wait for it to be over.

  • 毒瘾

Did you hear? Pete checked himself into rehab to deal with the monkey on his back.

get the monkey off one's back 摆脱难题,走出困境
Monkey see,monkey do. 有样学样
monkey business 胡闹,骗人的把戏;欺骗;恶作剧
monkey around/about(with sb) 调皮捣蛋,胡闹

be all ears - 洗耳恭听

Go on,tell me what happened —— I’m all ears.

an elephant in the room - 不愿提及的棘手问题

We all sat sipping our tea quietly,no one wanting to bring up the elephant in the room about Joel’s expulsion from college.

bad apple- 害群之马

It’s an opportunity for them to make clear that they are not going to tolerate a bad apple in the United States Senate.

apples and oranges 风牛马不相及的事物,天差地别的事物
The Big Aplle 美国纽约的别称
polish the apple 拍马屁。讨好

talk turkey - 坦率地讲

We don’t have much time,so let’s dispense with the formalities and talking turkey.

be stuffed like a turkey 吃的很多,肚子都塞满了
go/quit cold turkey 一下子戒掉原来上瘾的习惯
like turkeys voting for an early christmas 做出了不符合自身利益的选择

salad days - 少不更事的日子

Back in my salad days my friends and I used to go dancing every Satyrday night.

egg someone on 怂恿某人去做某事,通常是不智的事
in a nutshell 长话短说,简而言之
spill the beans 泄露秘密
chicken out 临阵退缩,因害怕而停止做某事

hold all the cards - 掌控全局

Management holds all the cards when it comes to the negotiations over job cuts.

wild card 纸牌中的万能牌,未知因素,无法预测的人
hold card 深藏不漏的优势
face card 重要有权势的人

cut to the chase - 开门见山

All right,let’s stop the idle chatter and cut to the chase.

a cut above average 稍高于平均水平
cut(one's) eyeteeth 变得懂事;获得经验
Cut it out! 住手!住嘴!

a bed of roses - 顺遂的情况

Life is not a bed of roses.

bowl of cherries 美食,乐事
be all roses 十全十美,境况顺遂

closed book - 一无所知的学科

I’m a scientist through and through,so art has always been a closed book to me.

a rough diamond - 表面粗鲁但心地善良的人

a diamond in the rough = a rough diamond 外粗内秀的人;有潜力的人
diamond cut diamond 用钻石切钻石,引申为棋逢对手
have the makings of something 某人具备成就某件事的素质或潜力

have a cow - 勃然大怒

My mother will have a cow if we get a stain on the new sofa.

Holy cow! 表示震惊
cash cow 摇钱树;能为公司带来巨大收益的产品或部门
(as)awkward as a cow on a crutch 就像拄着拐杖的牛一样。形容非常笨拙

call it a day - 结束工作

When we still couldn’t find the source of the discrepancy,we decided to call it a day and revisit it tomorrow.

call it a night 结束今晚一直在做的工作,今晚先到这里
call it quits 结束一段关系
call it square 恩怨两清,两人扯平

let your hair down -放松一下

It is only with friends that most people feel they can let their hair down and be themselves.

bad hair day 诸事不顺的一天(头发坏掉的一天)
keep your hair on 保持镇定,别激动,冷静点(保持发型)
not turn a hair 面不改色,不动声色(不改变你的头发)
hair of the dog 解醉酒;醒酒液(狗的毛)

have a ball - 尽情狂欢

The kids really had a ball at the birthday party — they won’t stop talking about it!

a ball of fire 精力充沛的人,有抱负有热情的人
on the ball 全神贯注的;反应快的
drop the ball 失球;犯错,尤指因失察导致犯错

bread and butter - 生活来源

I’m an artisit on the weedends,but being a tutor is my bread and butter.

The moblie phone bussiness is actually our company’s bread and buteer.

fish or cut bait - 做出抉择

Are you going to go back to medical school or not?It’s time to fish or cut bait.

beef up - 增强

We need to beef up our services in order to rival our competitors’ more comprehensive offerings.

beef about 抱怨
have a beef with someone 与某人有未解决的分歧或争论
beef to the hoof 肥胖的,尤其是腿部(hoof指动物的蹄子或者是人的jio)
be/get beefed out 肌肉发达的;以强有力的方式进行加强或改进

big talk - 大话;吹牛

Lucy is always full of big talk,but she rarely follows through on it.

She likes to talk big about how great a tennis player she is,but I don’t think she’s even won a tournament.

pep talk 鼓舞士气的讲话
be all talk(and no action) 光说不做
double talk 含糊其词地说;故弄玄虚地说

break a leg - 祝你好运

You‘d better leave now if you want to arrive early for the eamx.Break a leg!

Here's mud in your eye! 是一句祝酒辞,指”祝你健康”或”干杯”
keep one's fingers crossed 祈求好运,祈求成功,祈求平安
knock on wood 祈求好运,甩掉霉运
hit the jackpot 中大奖;交好运(‘jackpot’指”头彩,大奖”)

eat one’s words - 收回说过的话

take back one's words 收回说过的话

break one's word 说话不算数,不守信,不履行诺言

You think I cant’s get an A in this class,but I’ll make you eat your words when we get our report cards!

Tom said he’d help us move,but he broke his word and failed to show.

be as good as(one's) word 某人信守承诺,一诺千金
have a word(with someone) 与某人说话,与某人交谈
have words(with someone) 与某人吵架,与某人争吵

an apple of love - 西红柿

He guarded an apple of love sent by his girlfriend like the apple of his eye.

apple pie order 井然有序(在做苹果派时,将苹果切成均匀的小块,然后整整齐齐排好)
apple of discord 引起不和的整顿、祸根(来自于希腊神话中金苹果的故事)
a bad apple 害群之马,对整个群体产生负面影响的人(来自于’a bad apple spoils the bunch’(一个换苹果,坏一堆苹果))

a dog’s dinner - 一团糟

I really need to clean out my closet — it’s starting to look like a dog’s dinner in there.

a dog's breakfast = a dog's dinner 一团糟
be done like a (dog's) dinner 做的一团糟,指失败
dressed (up) like a dog's dinner 打扮得花枝招展,打扮得太显眼

black sheep - 害群之马

The studio is proving to be quite the black sheep of the movie industry,making big-budget films that fly in the face of Hollywood’s conventions.

go bananas - 情绪失控

I’ll end up going bananas if I have to work in this cubicle for one more day!

Cool bananas! 太棒了!太酷了!
drive someone bananas = drive someone crazy 使某人发狂,使某人癫狂
That is bananas! 那真是太疯狂了!

an open book - 极坦率的人

Jane’s an open book.I always know what she is going to do next.

closed book 一无所知的东西,难以理解的东西;sth is a closed book to sb 某人对某物一窍不通
in my book 据我所知,在我看来,我认为
have nose in a book 埋头苦读

go Dutch - AA制

You don’t have to treat me to dinner — let’s go Dutch

dead meat - 倒大霉


If you or anyone else touches me,Bas,you’re dead meat.I mean it.Stay out of my life.


If she can’t get the votes,she’s dead meat.

fatty/lean meat 肥猪肉/瘦猪肉
lamb/mutton chop 羊排
leg beef 牛腱肉
fresh grade breast 鸡胸肉
scallop 扇贝

in clover - 养尊处优

If only I could win the lottery,then I would be in clover,instead of working three jobs to pay my bills.

rolling in clover 像猪猪在三叶草中打滚一样,形容非常快乐或满足,通常是因为没有经济压力。
like a pig in clover = (as) happy as a pig in clover 像三叶草中的猪猪一样,形容对现状非常开心或满足
four-leaf clover 四叶草,幸运草;引申指可以带来好运的人或物

pull up one’s socks - 加油干

We expect our writers to contribute about 15 articles per week,so you’re going to have to pull your socks up if you want to stay a part of this team.

pull oneself together 振作起来,聚集力量应对要做的事情
work(one's) socks off 工作到袜子都掉了,形容工作非常努力
pull(one's) fingers out 开始努力工作,赶紧行动起来

best man - 伴郎

Henry Joe,you are already the best bro,and my very best friend,so will you please say yes and be my best man?
Henry Joe,你已经是我最好的兄弟,也是我最好的朋友,所以请你答应做我的伴郎可以吗?

bridesmaid 伴娘
maid of honor 未婚的主伴娘
matron of honor 已婚的主伴娘

mall rat - 喜欢逛商场的年轻人

Sure,I am a typical mall rat hanging around watching the crowds,especially the handsome boys.

I'm just browsing. 我只是随便看看。(用于委婉谢绝导购)
Is this the latest fashion? 找合适最新款吗?
Does this color suit my complexion? 这个颜色适合我的肤色吗?
It looks custom-made for you.看起来像是专门给你做的一样。
How do you think this top goes with a miniskirt? 你觉得这搭配一件迷你裙怎么样?

face the music - 承担后果

I told you not to try to sneak in,and now that you’ve been caught,you’re just going to have to face the music.

take the consequence 承担后果
pay the fiddler 付钱给小提琴手,指承担后果
stand the racket 经受住考验,堪负责任;承担后果

penci in - 临时安排

I need to have a date in the system,so I’ll just pencil you in for the middle of July — just change it online once you’ve picked a date you’re happy with.

pen(someone/something) in 把… …关进围栏
pencil/pen pusher 在办公室工作的人(尤指乏味无聊重复工作)
in pencil/pen 用铅笔/钢笔写… …

child’s play - 简单的事

The test was child’s play to those who took good notes.

a piece of cake 易如反掌的事情,小菜一碟
as easy as ABC 像字母表中ABC一样简单,形容某事非常简答
duck soup 容易处理的问题;容易打败的对手
as easy as rolling off a log 就像滚动原木一样简单,形容某事非常简单

no dice - 不行

Would you help me wash the dishes?
Sorry,no dice.I’ve got somewhere I need to be.

no go = no soap = no dice 不行
dice with death 以性命做赌注,引申指冒巨大风险
roll the dice 掷骰子,引申指孤注一掷
load the dice 在骰子中灌铅,引申指使用不正当的手段

Greek gift - 害人的礼物


He is always buying you expensive clothes.I’m afraid they are greek gifts for you.

It's all Greek to me 我对此一窍不通
When Greek meets Greek then comes the tug of war 两雄相遇,必有一争。

busybody - 爱管闲事的人

This government is full of interfering busybodies.

lover 情人
bus boy 餐厅工
confidence man 骗子

Where is the john - 厕所在哪

Could you please tell me where is the john?I need to answer the call of nature!

go to WC 上厕所
got to the john = hit the john 上厕所
answer the call of nature 上厕所
wash my hands 上厕所
take a dump 上大号
go pee 小便

Sunday best - 最好的衣服

Instead of some big party,let’s all get dressed up in our Sunday best and go for lunch at a fancy restaurant for my birthday!

Sunday punch 对付敌人最厉害的一击;杀手锏
When two Sundays meet 当两个星期天相遇,指绝无可能。
Sunday driver 新手司机;开慢车的司机

quicksilver - 水银

  • quicksilver


  • hydrargyrum


  • mercury


  • azoth


  • cinnabar


Dutch courage - 酒后之勇

It was Dutch courage that made the football fan attack the policeman.

Dutch gold 假黄金
Dutch comfort 苟且偷安,贪图安逸
Dutchman's land 海市蜃楼、虚幻的景色
in Dutch 失宠
Dutch treat 要自己掏钱的聚餐

a bag lady - 无家可归的女人

When the young boy noticed a bag lady rifling through the garbage can looking for something to eat,he immediately offered to give her his sandwich.

an old bag 脾气不好的女人,每天不停抱怨的女人
mixed bag 杂集;混合体;各种人或物的杂烩
be one's bag 某人特别喜欢的、渴望拥有的、在意的东西

Dear John letter - 分手信

Mike was clearly upset when he received a Dear John letter from his girlfriend,Caroline.He thought their relationship was going well and didn’t expect it to end so suddenly.

John Doe 某人;普通人;无名氏(女性则为Jane Doe)
John Hancock 亲笔签名(源自美国政治家John Hancock在《独立宣言》上潇洒有力、引人注目的签名)
John Bull 代指英国或英国人,表现典型的英国人的形象或特征,如顽强刚毅,固执冷峻,气势汹汹,精力旺盛等。源自于英国作家John Arbuthnot的讽刺作品The History of John Bull。

bite the bullet - 咬紧牙关应付

I don’t actually enjoy cleaning,but I bite the bullet and do it so that everything in my house isn’t covered in a thick layer of dust.

eleventh hour - 最后时刻

I was shocked that they reached an agreement at the eleventh hour after weeks of squabbling.

go back to square one 退回起点;从头再来
two heads are better than one 三个臭皮匠顶个诸葛亮,人多智广
three sheets to the wind 喝醉
on all fours 四肢着地,爬行
give me five 击掌,表示庆祝胜利,加油
at sixes and sevens 乱七八糟的、凌乱的
in seventh heaven 处于狂喜之中
one over the eight 七歪八倒;酩酊大醉
on cloud nine 非常高兴
ten to one 十之八九,很可能

browned off - 厌烦的

By now the passengers were getting browned off with the delay.

(as)brown as a berry 晒得黝黑的(‘verry’是”浆果”,比如葡萄树、树莓等)
in a brown study 沉思,沉默,出神
brown sugar 红糖
brown bag v.自带午饭 n自带的午饭

top brass - 高层

The top brass also received benefits not given to the average employee.

Chairman of the Board(Chairman) 董事长
pesident 总裁
Vice President(VP) 副总裁
Chief Executive Officer(CEO) 首席执行官
Chief Operations Officer(COO) 首席运营官
Chief Financial Officer(CFO) 首席财务官
Human Resource Director(HRD) 人力资源总监
Operations Director(DM) 运营总监
Product Manager(PM) 产品经理

knock on wood - 祈求好运

I’ve been driving for 36 years and have never been in an accident.Knock on wood!

cross one's fingers 祈求好运;说谎时祈求原谅(中指叠在食指上方,交叉形成类似十字架的形状)
break a leg 祝好运,祝演员演出成功,祝考试/面试顺利(演出成功结束,演员接受消费后,弯腿行“屈膝礼”)
hit the jackpot 中了头彩,中大奖;走运

gravy train - 美差

Financial services produce very high earning,and a lot of people are trying to get onto the gravy train.

dining car (火车上的)餐车
fast track 快速通道;捷径
sleeper (火车上的)卧铺(soft/hard sleeper是指”软卧/硬卧”)

walk down the aisle - 结婚

I never thought you’d be the first one to walk down the aisle - you used to say you’d never marry!

I take you to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do us part.

mad money - 应急钱

Whenever we travel,my wife and I keep a samll purse of mad money whih us just in case we find ourselves in a difficult situation.

dog days - 热成狗的日子,三伏天

In winter,keep exercising during the coldest days.In summer,do the same thing during the dog days.

It's blazing hot! 简直热到着火!
It's like a furnace outside! 外面就像火炉一样!
It's stifling! I can hardly breathe! 天气太闷热了!我都没法呼吸了!
I'm sweating like a pig. 热得我汗流浃背。
It's hot enough to melt hell! 现在热得足以吧地狱融化了!
Today is a thermometer breaker! 今天热得温度计都要爆了!
It is like being put into a hot oven. 就像是被扔进了火炉。

cash cow - 摇钱树

When Bob purchased stock in that software company 10 years ago,he never expected it to become such a cash cow.Now that is has quadrupled in value,he’ll be able to retire early.


波士顿矩阵法(Matrix: Boston Consulting Group)根据销售增长率与市场占有率将企业的产品划分为四种:
③问题产品(question marks):高销售增长率,低市场占有率的产品。增长率高说明产品的市场前景好,市场占有率低则说明在市场营销上存在问题;
④现金牛产品(cash cow):低销售增长率,高市场占有率的产品。低增长率是因为它已经进入了成熟期,企业不需要扩大投资就可以产生大量利润。

green hand - 新手

A leader full of experience would be calmer and more objective than the green hand in dealing with problems.

old hand 老手,经验丰富的人
green girl 新手,黄毛丫头
green with envy = green eyed 嫉妒,眼红
have a green thumb/finger 擅长园艺
green back 美钞

the coast is clear - 已无危险

She looked left and right to make sure the coast was clear,then ran as fast as she could down the corridor.

Watch Your Step 小心台阶
Caution! 小心!
Wet Paint 油漆未干
Wet Floor 小心地滑
No Throughfare 禁止通行
Under Construction 正在施工
Adult Only 未成年禁止入内

catch some Z’s - 小睡一会

We’ve got a pretty long layover before our next flight,so I’m going to try to catch some Z’s at the gate.

get/bag/cop/cut some Z's = catch some Z's 打盹,小睡一会
doze off 不知不觉地打起盹来
take a nap 打盹
take/have forty winks 打盹

hava the last word - 最后说了算

Everyone started shouting,trying to have the last word,and the whole meeting just descended into chaos.

be the last word in(something) 最好的、最时尚的(事物)
one final word 要对某人或某事说的最后一条建议/批评/评论
have words 拌嘴,争论,吵架

a fly in the ointment - 美中不足

It was a very good party.The only fly in the ointment was that the host got drunk and started abusing everybody!

take of the town - 街谈巷议

My brother was the talk of the town after leading the high school team to a state championship.


One of the hottest topics many people talk about now is…

Recently the issue/problem of…has been brought into focus/brought to public attention/in the limelight/posed among the public.

Nowdays,it it commonly/eidely/generally believed/thought/held that…,but I wonder/doubt that…

silly season - 新闻淡季

It’s the political silly season,and this policy is a very silly idea which seems more about public relations than solutions.

bread-and-butter letter -感谢信

When i got back from the sales meeting,i took two days to write bread-and-butter letter to the people i met.

bread and butter 生计,主要收入来源
have(one's) bread buttered on both sides 面包两侧都涂上黄油,指左右逢源。
bread always falls on the buttered side 面包掉了,而且还是涂了黄油的一面朝下,指”倒霉的事都到一块了,屋漏偏逢连夜雨”
know what/which side of the bread is butered(on) 知道面包的那一面有黄油,指”知道那种情况对自己有利”

drop someone a line - 给某人写信

I konw you’ll be busy enjoying yourself,but please,drop me a line on your trip.

faint of heart - 胆小鬼

This game can get rough sometime.It is definitely not for the faint of heart.

big girl's blouse 男生腼腆害羞得像大姑娘似的,缺乏自信和勇气。
a chicken guy 胆小鬼,懦弱的人
a scaredy cat 胆小鬼(容易被吓到的猫)

a nod is as good as a wink - 心照不宣

No need to tell me what you were up to last night — a nod is as good as a wink(to a blind horse).

rob the cradle - 老牛吃嫩草

Are you sure it doesn’t bother you how much older I am? I feel like people are judging me for robbing the cradle.

January and May也是“老牛吃嫩草”,但是专指“老夫少妻”
rob the cradle既可以指“老夫少妻”,也可以指“老妻少夫”

carry coals to Newcastle - 多此一举


We definitely don’t need to bring any toys when we go over their house — they have so many that bringing more would be like carrying coals to Newcastle.

take owls to Athens 雅典(Athens)的居民被认为已经有足够的智慧,将象征智慧的猫头鹰(owl)带去雅典是“多此一举”
Sell snow to Eskimos 将雪卖给住在北极的爱斯基摩人(Eskimos),指“多此一举”
sell sand to Arabs 将沙子卖给阿拉伯人(Arabs),指“多此一举”

rule of thumb - 经验法则

所以后来,人们用’rule of thumb’代指“经验法则”,指的是基于经验而非理论、在大多数情况下都正确的通用规则。

As a rule of thumb,I move my houseplants outside in May.

lay an egg - 完全失败

Long before they had finished making it,Stamp knew that the movie would lay an egg.

Go lay an egg! 滚一边去!别来烦我!
Never cackle before your egg is laid 在事情完成前别急着炫耀。
kill the goose that lays golden eggs 杀鸡取卵,涸泽而渔

rock the boat - 惹是生非

He is easy-going and won’t rock the boat unless absolutely necessary.

rain check - 改日再约

get/have/take a rain check
give someone a rain check

  • (体育比赛因雨改期再赛时)可延期使用的票:

The game was canceled because of the storm, but we all got a rain check on it.

  • (商店因促销商品无库存而发给顾客、允许日后以相同优惠价购买的)购物优惠券:

The store was all out of the shampoo they advertised, but I got a rain check.

  • 改日再约,延期招待:

We would love to come to your house, but we are busy next Saturday. Could we take a rain check on your kind invitation?

see the light of day - 诞生问世

These top-secret documents will probably never see the light of day.

This book might never have seen the light of day without the enthusiasm and support of my editor.

see the light (在长时间思考后)明白过来,领悟过来
see the light at the end of the tunnel 看到希望的曙光,苦尽甘来

close the home - 戳到痛处

His comments struck unpleasantly close to home.

make yourself at home 请自便,别客气
see you home 送你回家
bring home the bacon 养家糊口
home free 稳操胜券

blank cheque - 自由处理权


We are not prepared to write a blank cheque for companies that have run into trouble through poor management.

give someone a blank cheque to do something-给予某人对某事的自由处理权
someone have a blank cheque to do something-某人拥有对某事的自由处理权

De Klerk had,in a sense,been given a blank cheque to negotiate the new South Africa.
从某种意义上说,De Klerk已被允许全权洽谈新南非问题。

climb the wall - 焦躁不安

If she makes another foolish blunder like that,I’ll be ready to climb the wall.

The doctor hasn’t called me with the test results yet,so I’ve been climbing the wall.

up the wall 愤怒的,焦虑的
drive sb up the wall = drive sb bananas 使某人愤怒,使某人发狂
up against the wall 走投无路,逼到绝境
go to the wall 破产,失败,竭尽全力

beat the drum for - 极力鼓吹

Some people are beating the drum online for the legislation.

I spent a lot of time beating the drum for our plans for the future.

bang the drum for = beat the drum for 极力鼓吹
beat a retreat 迅速撤退,匆忙溜掉
alarmism 危言耸听;大惊小怪

turn tail - 逃之夭夭

As soon as they saw we had guns,they turned tail and ran away.

pull one’s leg - 开某人玩笑

Don’t believe him.He’s just pulling your leg.

ride ones' coattails 借东风,抱某人大腿
be a drag on someone 拖某人后退,拖累某人
shake a leg 赶快(用于催促别人);跳舞
break a leg 祝好运;祝愿演员演出成功

TV dinner - 冷冻快餐

Having too many TV dinners is bad for your health.

1952年感恩节之后,美国最大的罐装食物品牌之一Swanson遇到了一个十分棘手的问题——260吨冰冻火鸡滞销,而Swanson冷藏库空间完全用完了,如果把260吨火鸡全部倒掉将会是一笔不小的损失。某天,一个机智的工人在看到铝制托盘时突发奇想:为什么不在一个大盘子上面加上几个隔间然后卖做好的速冻食物呢?病急乱投医的Swanson高层同意了这一想法。在50年代,最火爆的商品是电视机,为了提高销量,Swanson将餐盒隔间形状设计成当时电视机面板的形式——一边是一个大盘(类似于电视机屏幕),用于盛放切片火鸡和玉米面包调料;另一边是两个小隔间(类似于电视机右边的控制面板),盛放冷冻豌豆和红薯,并将此冷冻快餐命名为’TV dinner’,最初的主要目标客户是电视观众。TV dinner在没有时间或精力做饭的人群中迅速走红,后来人们就用’TV dinner’来代指“冷冻快餐”

to have January chicks - 老来得子

This couple had January chicks when they were fifty-five,so this naughty boy is really the apple of their eye.

短语来自英国作家乔叟的《坎特伯雷故事集》中”商人的故事”。故事中的男爵January在60岁时娶了年轻的过娘May,结婚后不就,May就有了孩子,所以”to have January chicks”就表示”老来得子”啦。

May and December 老夫少妻
a cold day in July 小概率事件
mad as a March hare 疯狂,暴躁
April weather 喜怒无常

Hobson’s choice - 别无选择

It’s a case of Hobson’s choice,because if I don’t accept this salary,I’ll lose this job.

在16世纪的英国,有一位名叫Tobias Hobson的商人,他的工作是驾着载人四轮大马车在伦敦和剑桥之间往返,并且把闲置的马匹出租出去,主要客户是剑桥大学的学生。Hobson将跑路最多最劳累的马拴在马厩最里头,而将最近没怎么“出工”的马儿拴在门口。Hobson总是对前来租马的顾客们说:“你们可以选择任何自己看中的马,只要它是离马厩门最近的那一匹”。Hobson的这一规定使得顾客没任何其他选择的余地。

pull the strings - 幕后操纵

I want to know exactly who is pulling the strings here.

pull strings:to secretly use the influence that you have over important people to get something or to help someone(暗中利用自己的权势来获得某物或帮助某人)
pull the strings:to be in control of an organization, often secretly;to have real or ultimate control of something(秘密地对某组织进行控制;对某物具有真正或最终的控制权)

out to lunch - 外出吃午饭/心不在焉/神志不清

Did I just say that two plus two equals five?Wow,I’m really out to lunch today.

Don’t listen wo a word he says,he’s out to lunch.

be in the doghouse - 受冷落

someone be in the doghouse (某人因做错了事)收到冷落,失宠。

He’s been in the doghouse ever since he forget his grilfriends’s brithday.

dog days 三伏天,大热天
a dog's breakfast 乱七八糟,一团混乱
a dog's life 悲惨的生活,艰难困苦的生活
a dog's age 很长的实践,很久
every dog has its day 凡人都有得意时,风水轮流转

a stone’s throw - 一步之遥

Success lies a stone’s throw from failure.Why not advance a bit?

be carved/set/written in stone 一成不变
have a heart of stone 铁石心肠
hit two birds with one stone 一石二鸟

separate the sheep from the goats - 明辨好坏

It is getting harder and harder to separate the sheep from the goats among the 4000 or so titles for children that are published every year.

play/act the goat 做蠢事
get one's goat 激怒某人,惹某人发火
skin a goat 呕吐

a shot in the arm - 刺激因素

The reform will provide a shot in the arm fro whousands of small businesses.

The chief’s unexpected praise really gave my floundering project a shot in the arm.

射门;扣篮 a dunk shot 一记扣篮
射击;射手 a good shot 高明的射手
尝试;努力 that's a long shot 成功的希望不大 give it my best shot 竭尽所能

push the boat out - 摆阔庆祝

buy a round of drinks 为所有人买酒,形容慷慨大方。

They really pushed the boat out for their daughter’s wedding.

push the boat out 狂欢庆祝,大肆狂欢

wait on hand and foot - 照顾得无微不至

I don’t want anyone to wait on me hand and foot.I can take care of myself.

I don’t know if Tom’s relationship with Jeremy is healthy.It seems like Tom’s always waiting on Jeremy hand and foot.

spin one’s wheels - 白费力气

After realizing we were just spinning our wheels,we quitted the project.

That kept me on to manage what’s left of this division,but to be honest,I’ve just been spinning my wheels here for last couple of years.

at the wheel 开车,掌舵;领导,控制,掌权
thrid wheel 电灯泡;累赘
a big wheel/cheese 一个有影响力的大人物

pinhead - 蠢蛋


Only that pinhead Pets has remained his loyal lackey.

That pinhead couldn’t manage his own sock drawer,let alone a huge project like this!


be bananas for - 痴迷于某物

She is bananas for watching soap opera.

go bananas 激动、疯狂、神魂颠倒
to drive someone bananas 使用某人疯狂,惹怒某人
That is bananas! 真是太疯狂了!

ring a bell - 听起来耳熟

The name rang a bell but I couldn’t remember where and when I had heard of it.

Your description rings a bell,but I don’t think I’ve ever been there myself.

alarm/warning bells start ringing 警钟开始响起,需要引起警觉
get(one's) bell rung (尤其指头部)收到猛烈的打击或伤害
set alarm bells ringing 敲响警钟,提起警惕

rise and shine - 快起床

Five more minutes! 再睡五分钟!
I don't wanna get up 我不想起床
I'm still drowsy 我还困着呢

touch a raw nerve - 触到痛处

She touched a raw nerve when she mentioned his wife.
I could tell he was touching a raw nerve when he brought up Jane’s former employer and Jane went slient for a moment.

on the wrong foot - 出师不利

Their relationship started off on the wrong foot,but they got along better afterwards.

Make sure you’re on time and dressed professionally.You don’t want to start your first day of work on the wrong foot.

a black look - 恶狠狠地瞪一眼

He gave me a black look when I suggested he should clean his room.

I tried to apologize for what I said,but she gave me such a black look that I knew it wasn’t the right time to talk to her yet.

Black Friday 黑色星期五(耶稣在复活节前受难的日子)
black day 倒霉的一天
black future 暗淡的前途

backseat driver - 爱多管闲事的人

I cannot stand my relatives being backseat drivers to me.

Although Mary was capable of completing the project on her own,John couldn’t stop himself from being a backseat driver and telling her what to do.

Sunday driver 开车很慢的司机
in the driver's/driving seat 处于掌控地位,掌握领导权利

salt away - 储蓄

No one kenw that he salted away a fortune over the years.

I salted away money from my summer job to pay for college.

take ... with a grain of salt 对…半信半疑,对…有所怀疑
eat(one's) salt 在某人家里做客
worth one's salt = worth one's salary 称职的,有能力的

go to seed - 不修边幅


He used to carry a lot of muscle but now he was gping to seed.

Wow,Tim’s really started going to seed ever since he had kids.

I went back to visit my old elementary school,and sadly,it has really gone to seed.

run to seed = go to seed
seed money 启动资金,本金
good seed makes a good crop 善因结善果

whistle in the dark - 虚张声势

whistle 吹口哨

To claim this as such a glorious record is whistling in the dark.

He seems confident we’ll get the money we need,but I think he’s just whistling in the dark.

as clean as a whistle (某物)非常干净;(某人)没有任何前科或污点
whistle in the wind 白费力气,徒劳无功
bells and whistles 花里胡哨的装饰,不必要的附件或附加功能

be up in the air - 悬而未决

My vacation plan is up in the air.

Because the whole town protested plans to build a new shopping center,that proposal is now up in the air.

take something with a grain of salt - 半信半疑

The man tends to exaggerate,so you have to take what he says with a grain of salt.
Horoscope is fun,but it’s not necessarily accurate.I always take it with a grain of salt.

on the back burner - 搁置一旁

This task is on the back burner because I want to focus on preparing for the finals.

I’m going to be putting work stuff on the back burner for a while after my son is born.

put something on the back burner 将某事搁置一旁
on the front burner 处于重要地位,受到重视
put something on the frint burner 重视某事
cook on the front burner = cook with gas 干的漂亮,做的很棒

be wet behind the ears - 乳臭未干

She has just graduated from school and is still wet behind the ears.

You’ll never win the case with him as your lawyer —— he’s just out of law school and still wet behind the ears!

put the cart before the horse 本末倒置(车在马前面)
the die is cast 大局已定,木已成舟(骰子已经掷出)
six of one and half a dozen of the other 半斤八两(六个和半打)

mum’s the word - 保守秘密

Nobody must mention this project outside the office.I hope that’s clear.We understand!Mum’s the word!

Keep mum about it. 别声张
seal one's lips 保密
be tight-mouthed 守口如瓶

below the belt - 暗中伤人

belt 腰带

His remarks about her paper were a bit below the belt.

I know she really wants the promotion,but she hit below the belt when she told the boss about my personal problems.

belt up 住口、闭嘴
have sth under one's belt 吃掉/喝掉某物;获得某成就或名誉;掌握某技能
tighten(one's) belt 勒紧裤带,节衣缩食,省吃俭用

carry the can - 背黑锅

He broke the vase,but his brother was left to carry the can.

The teachers who were criticized said that they would not carry the can for the faults in the school system.

go to Reno - 离婚


We cant’t tolerate each other anymore,so we decide to go to Reno.

tie the knot 结婚
end the marriage 离婚
ex-husband/ex-wife 前夫/前妻

gild the lily - 画蛇添足

You’re beautiful the way you are,and makeup would be gilding the lily.

To gild refined gold,to paint the lily,to throw a perfume on the violet,to smoooth the ice,or add another hue unto the rainbow… …is wasteful and ridiculous excess.

Oh,sally.You’re beautiful the way you are.You don’t need makeup.You would be gilding the lily.

lily-livered 胆怯的,懦弱的
lily-white 颜色纯白的;为人非常诚实的

jump ship - 跳槽

Many workers decide to jump ship because their employer tries to dock their bonuses.

None of the editors liked the new policies, so they all jumped ship as soon as other jobs opened up.

in the same boat (as someone) 与某人处境相同
don't give up the ship 不要放弃,不要屈服
like rats leaving as sinking ship 船沉鼠先窜;不能共患难的人

climb on the bandwagon - 见风使舵

She climbed on the bandwagon when the team seemed to prevail.

I can’t stand these people who just climb on the bandwagon after a win.Where were they last year when the team terrible?

fence sitter/rider 骑在篱笆上的人;见风使舵的人,立场不坚定的人,墙头草。

pedal to the metal - 全速前进

Let’s put pedal to the metal and finish the work as fast as we can,

(Put the) Pedal to the metal,boys — we need to get these packages shipped by the end of the day.

  • 用尽全力做某事

try one's best to do sth
make great efforts to do sth
spare no effort to do sth
do one's utmost to do sth

off the cuff - 即兴地

I didn’t have time to organize my thoughts,so I just spoke off the cuff.

on the rocks - 岌岌可危/(在酒中)加冰块

Their marriage is on the rock because of domestic violence.

The company is on the rocks these days following the disastrous release of their latest product.

shoot the breeze - 闲聊

The girls sat out on the porch,just shooting the breeze.

Customers always want to shoot the breeze with me in the store before they buy something.

  • 同义短语

shoot/throw the bull
chew the fat

cut the mustard - 符合条件

can't cut the mustard 不如人意 = can't cut it
cut the muster - pass muster 达到标准,符合要求

If you can’t cut the mustard,then we’ll get someone else to do the job.

What I really need is a phone that’s much more dependable.This one just does nto cut the mustard.

meet/reach the standard 达到标准
meet a criterion 符合标准
up to specification 符合规格

in a nutshell - 一言以蔽之

He had put the whole situation in a nutshell.

Let me put it in a nutshell for you —— if you show up late again,you’re fired!

the lliad in a nutshell 荷马长史诗the lliad 可以放在坚果壳里

all in all 简单来说,总而言之
to sum up ~
in a word ~
in a short ~
in conclusion ~

tie the knot - 结婚

They are tying the knot this summer in Greece.

We tied the knot in a little chapel on the Arkansas border.

tie someone/oneself (up) in a knot (使)大惑不解,糊涂
tie something in a knot 把东西打个结

the Midas touch - 点石成金

He can make a lot of money no matter which profession he chooses.He must have the Midas touch.

Stephanie has the Midas touch —— she makes lots of money whateber she does.
Setphanie有点石成金的本领 —— 她不管做什么,都能挣到很多钱。

be joined at the hip - 关系紧密

hip 臀部

Those two guys are always joined at the hip.They are always together.

The couple who are almost joined at the hip in their 20s may have become quite distant in their 40s

a pipe dream - 白日梦

pipe 烟斗

His dream of becoming a billionaire is just a pipe dream.

three sheets to the wind - 喝醉酒

By the end of the night he was three sheets to the wind and we had to take him home in a cab.

cut someone some slack 对某人网开一面
loose cannon 难以驾驭的危险人物
with flying colors 出色地

bury the hatchet - 重归于好

They finally decided to bury the hatchet after all these years.

Could you please bury the hatchet and make up with your sister already I can’t take the constant fighting.

take someone back 与某人重归于好(通常是情侣或配偶)
make up with someone 与某人和好
get back together 破镜重圆,重归与好(通常指分手后的符合)

cut someone some slack - 对某人网开一面

When you’re new at a job,colleagues and bosses cut you some slack.They forgive minor mistakes because you’re new.

He’s a kid.Cut him some slack and let him learn from this.

cut someone some slack 对某人网开一面
pick/take up the slack 接手某人做没做了的工作;为某人收拾烂摊子,收拾残局

lead the life of Riley - 过着轻松舒适的生活

It’s my dream to lead the life of Riley.

lead the life of the spirit 过着崇尚精神的生活
lead a happy/bitter life 过着幸福/痛苦的生活

loose cannon - 难以驾驭的危险人物

He’s seen as something of a loose cannon by other team members.

cannon fodder 炮灰
serve as cannon fodder 充当炮灰
water cannon 高压水枪;防爆水枪

know the ropes - 知道内情

learn the ropes 找到门路、学到窍门

She is new here and still doesn’t know the ropes,but she will soon get to learn the ropes.

He’s been working here for over 40 years.So he knows the ropes to get anything done here.

put a bug in one’s ear - 委婉暗示

The boss put a bug in his ear about the importance of meeting this deadline.

I know you want tio transferred to the sales department.I’ll put a bug in the boss’ear for you.

be bitten by the travel/fishing/garding bug 对旅游/钓鱼/园艺有强烈兴趣
catch/pick up/get a bug 生病
Don't bug me 别烦我
cute as a bug's ear 非常可爱,通常用来形容小玩意、小孩子等

up the creek - 处于困境

If the check doesn’t come today, I’ll be up a creek.

I’ll be up the creek if I don’t pass thsi math test.

adversity n. 逆境,不幸
be in adversity处于逆境,深处逆境
overcome adversity克服逆境
Adversity Quotient(AQ)逆境商数;逆境智商;逆商

touch base with someone - 和某人联系

Will you please touch base with the marketing team and find out how they’re progressing?

check with someone让某人帮忙把关,做出决定前请某人确认
check in with someone与某人进行快速的沟通,以获取最新的状态
check in to something关于某事进行快速沟通

hold all the aces - 占尽上风

In the battle between factory owners and environmentalists,the environmentalists seem to hold all the aces.

hold all the trumps/cards 占尽上风
play one's cards right 充分利用所拥有的资源,办事高明
the ace in (one's) hand 某人拥有的主要优势

soft soap - 奉承

His letter was full of soft soap.

soft pedal 低调处理
soft touch 很容易被被人说服的人

on a shoestring - 靠着极少量的资金

We were living on a shoestring for a while after our baby was born,but,luckily,I got a promotion,and our situation has improved a bit.

The film was made on a shoestring.

run a temperature - 发烧

Next moning she ran a temperature but insisted on getting up.

  • 同义词

have a fever
run a fever
have a temperature

sock away - 储蓄

She’s socked away hundreds of dollars in a saving account.

We’ve been socking little bits away for years in order to put down a deposit on a home.

  • sock v. 重击

sock sb/sth 重击,猛击
sb be/get socked with sth 某人因某事受到打击

get hitched - 结婚

When do you plan to get hitched?

make a big commitment 做出重大的承诺;结婚
walk down the aisle 走进婚姻的殿堂;结婚
make a match 使订婚,使结婚

have a chip on one’s shoulder - 动辄发火

He’s got a chip on his shoulder about not having been invited to the party.

He is not popular among his peers.He always seems to have a chip on his shoulder.

have a finger in the pie 插手某人,掺和某事
have one's finger on the pulse 对某事非常了解

cat and dog life - 争吵不休的生活

This couple lived a cat and dog life.

They have led a cat and dog life almost since the day they were married.

let the cat out of the bag 无意中泄露秘密,露出马脚
every dog has his day 人人皆有得意时
rain cats and dogs 下倾盆大雨
a dog's life 潦倒的生活

pizza face - 长满痘痘的脸

How should I deal with my pizza face?

butterface 身材好,脸很丑;背影杀手
a face that only a mother could love 只有你妈才会喜欢你这张脸
I'm not good with faces that I never want to see again 我不太想记得不想见的人的长相

play it by ear - 见机行事

I can’t promise I can make it tonight.Let’s play it by ear.

clutch at straws - 抓住救命稻草

a man of straw 受人摆布或软弱不可靠的小人物
a straw in the wind 事情发生前的预兆
the last/final straw 最后一根稻草,使人崩溃的最后一击

Although there was little possibility that he would succeed,he didn’t give up.A downing man will even clutch at straws.

out of the blue - 出人意料的

He phoned me out of the blue yesterday and said he was feeling blue.

Mike has decided to quit his job out of the blue,and go traveling for a year!

green-eyed 嫉妒的
pink slip 解雇通知书
born in the purple 生在帝王之家/皇室;出生显贵
green hand 新手

brown-bag - 自带午餐

brown-bag v. 自带午餐上班或者上学
brown bag session 无参研讨会

hit the books - 用功学习

cram for (为考试)临时抱佛脚
pull an all-night 通宵学习,熬夜完成任务
burn the midnight oil 开夜车,挑灯夜战
bite off more than one can chew 贪多嚼不烂,好高骛远,力不从心

dressed to the nines - 衣冠楚楚

Yesterday at her party,everyone was dressed to the nines.

I have to be dressed to the nines at this gala tonight —— a lot of important people will be there.

  • 同义短语
    dressed(up) to the nines
    dressed to the teeth
    done up to the nines

jump in at the deep end - 在未准备的情况下着手

start doing something new and difficult without help or preparation.

  • 同义短语
    be thrown in at the deep end

The reason you didn’t get the offer is that you jumped in at the deep end.

I‘m a little nervous about starting my graduate degree program,but I’m determined to jump in at the deep end and give it a go.

have stars in one’s eyes - 满怀憧憬

get/with stars in one's eyes 自鸣得意,洋洋得意

Many young people,all having stars in their eyes,come to Bejing.

Thinking about their coming marriage,they both had stars in their eyes.

get one’s back up - 惹恼某人

One thing really gets my back up —— the way my husband leaves his clothes on the bed or on the floor so I have to pick them up all the time.

Her boyfriends always says something silly regardless of occasions,getting her back up.

get back 回来;恢复;取回;报复;重新上台
get back up重新爬起来,重新站起来;重新振作起来

red herring - 转移注意力的事

herring 鲱鱼

The author is good at introducing a red herring into the plot to keep readers guessing.

The candidate used the minor issue as a red herring to distract voters from the corruption accusations against him.

dead as a herring 彻底死亡,完全死翘翘

the writing on the wall - 不祥之兆;凶兆

The increase in oil price is the writing on the wall for some small businesses.

The offficial saw the writing on the wall and fled the country.

  • 同义表达

the handwriting on the wall
a finger on the wall

butterfingers - 笨手笨脚的人

I dropped another plate!I’m such a butterfingers today.

butter(one's) bread on both sides 面包两面都涂上黄油,两头兼顾,两面讨好。

Achilles’ heel - 致命弱点

When exposed to a green rock from his home planet,Superman becomes powerless.That’s his Achilles’ heel.

also - ran - 失败者,落选者

Don’t ask me who the also-rans were.I can’t remember.

  • 冠军

championgold medalisttitlefirstkempfirst place

  • 亚军

runner-upsilver medal winnersilver medalistsecond place

  • 季军

third winner in contestbronze medalistthird place

have one over the eight - 喝高了

He stumbled so it was obvious he had one over the eight.

From the way he was walking it was obvious he’d had one over the eight.

at the eleventh hour 在最后时刻;在紧要关头
kill two birds with one stone 一石二鸟,一箭双雕
at sixes and sevens 乱七八糟
on cloud nine 欣喜若狂,喜出望外

nose out of joint - 心烦意乱

out of joint 脱臼

His nose is out of joint because we forgot to invite him to the party.

put/have one's nose out of joint 使某人嫉妒,使某人眼红

carry a torch for someone - 单恋某人

I‘ve carried the torch for het since high school,but I’ve never been able to tell her how I feel.

carry the/a torch for something 对某物非常支持,还想说服别人一起支持

bring down the house - 博得满堂彩

A clown with a monkey can bring down the house.

Don’t laugh so hard! You’ll bring the house down - it’s an old building,you know.

like a house on fire 引起轰动,迅速成名;爱情迅速发展(火力的房子)

take the plunge - 冒险尝试

They’re finally taking the plunge and getting married.

in the heat of the moment - 盛怒之下

I often do things in the heat of the moment and regret it later.
He didn’t mean it —— he said it in the heat of the moment.

in the heat of the action 处于风口浪尖
in the heat of the argument 在激烈辩论中
in the heat of anger 在气头上
in the heat of excitement 处于极度兴奋

in the bag - 十拿九稳

Even though the game is in the bag,the team still plays hard.

bags of 很多,大量
a bag of bones 骨瘦如柴的人
a bag of wind 夸夸其谈的人

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